DSC09161As the first day of summer fast approaches, it’s time to really enjoy your gardens.  Whether it be your annuals, perennials, or roses, the work is never truly done.

While your plants look great now, there are some things you should do to keep them looking great throughout summer. All plants are heavy feeders while in bloom. To keep those beautiful blooms going, you should apply a fertilizer on a regular basis. If you use a slow release fertilizer, apply it a couple times throughout the summer. If your prefer a water soluble fertilizer, apply it every couple of weeks.

DSC09228           When watering, avoid watering in the evenings. This increases the chance of your plants becoming diseased. Water with a slow steady amount to avoid a quick runoff. Also make sure to ask any staff member about any new plantings you may be doing.  While most plants enjoy a good drink, there are those who prefer to be on the drier side (annual vinca and perennial salvia or sedums to name a few).DSC09981

Also, don’t forget to clean up your plants (yes-deadheading). Not only will this encourage more blooms, it will also stop certain plants from spreading out of control.

By doing the small simple things, you will enjoy your beautiful gardens that much more. Your plants will be more healthy and happier too!


-Provided by Oakland Delaware

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