Creating a Summer Flower Bouquet

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Follow Along with Michelle Damron,Oakland Nursery’s Floral Expert,

And Create A Bright and Beautiful Summer Bouquet

By Laura Planisek,

You will need:

To begin the project, Michelle recommends using:

Garden Pruners and a sharp Paring Knife

A container. For Michelle’s project, she used a clear glass square 4” vase

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Flowers/greenery used: Michelle chose, (left to right and top to bottom) White Alstromeria, Purple Carnations, Yellow Daisies, Red Gerbera Daisies, Orange Gerbera Daisies, Yellow Sunflowers, and Leather Leaf. Not pictured: blue Statice.


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Michelle warns to always take care when cutting stems. When using the knife always cut away from yourself. The knife should be firmly in the grasp of your fingers with your thumb place above the stem. For thicker branches/stems use the garden pruners. Please use the images as your guide.

It is important for stems to be cut diagonally across the stems because this will allow for better water uptake.  Cut stems should be placed quickly in the water to keep the stem from drying and closing its water uptake channel.

Floral Arranging:

Water: Michelle filled the container ½ full of water. She recommends removing any leaves from foliage and/or flowers below the water line because they will rot and ‘dirty’ the water. Removing foliage will also add to the longevity of blooms.

Foliage:  Start by cutting Leather Leaf foliage and placing along the inside edges of container. The solid color of the greenery will provide the backdrop for your colorful bright summer colors to pop visually in contrast. The greenery serves as the outline of your design.

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Let the FUN begin! At last the flowers! Enjoy each summer color as you insert it into the design of you container.  Michelle begins with three large showy sunflowers. The sunflowers are placed in opposite corners. After the sunflowers, three stems of Alstromeria are added.  This soft white flower adds a delicate contrast to the bold yellow of the sunflower.

Michelle’s hint:  Often odd numbers of large flowers are used in floral arrangements because odd numbers are more artistically and visually pleasing to the eye.

Blossoming a Blossom:  If a flower, like the purple Carnation, is still tight in its early budding, Michelle uses a quick technique to help them open. She simply starts with her thumb and forefinger together on top of the center of the flower and spreads her thumb and finger apart gently over the top of the flower. She repeats this procedure two to three times. She demonstrates this in the image below.

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After opening the purple Carnation bud, she cuts its stem and adds two to the arrangement.

The first of the Gerbera Daisy: Michelle drops in a splash of summer color with this stunning red Gerbera Daisy!

Laura 9


A hint of Blue:  The Statice will give this design touches of blue. A must for summer! Michelle says to use as much or as little of this cute little flower as you desire.

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Packing a Punch:  The large electric orange Gerbera Daisy gives this arrangement such a punch of color that only one is needed.

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Topping it off:  Michelle finishes her display with three playful yellow Daisies.

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Two Words:  GORGEOUS …

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…and WOW!!

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More information about Michelle:

Michelle Damron has been creating beautiful floral arrangements for over 22 years. If you have questions about this project or other floral questions, please email her at or call (614)268-9466. She is also available for floral project consultation and looks forward to bringing the color and beauty of flowers to your home, office, event, or wedding.


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