Songbirds in your Summer Garden


One of the great joys of the summer is to relax and take in the sights and sounds throughout your garden. Songbirds visiting your feeders and water features will provide hours of this enjoyment. Success in attracting birds is less a matter of observing strict rules than of making the most of existing possibilities. Even in the smallest backyard you can attract a wide variety of common songbirds. By providing the basic necessities of food and water, you will increase the opportunities of feather friends to your garden.

One of the easiest variety of birds to attract is the finch; Gold Finches and House Finches’ songs are a medley of thrills and sweet notes that brighten a listener’s day. A popular way to feed finches is to hang a thistle feeder and/or a thistle sock.

Hummingbirds are jewels of the garden; their darting, hovering and quick movements bring much amazement and awe. You can attract them by putting out a hummingbird feeder filled with a nectar solution. Hummingbird feeders come in a variety of styles from ornamental glass to perching cylinders to window mounted.

Water is an essential part of any bird’s community. Songbirds require generous amounts of water for drinking and bathing. This is especially true during the summer months when the natural supply is at its minimum. A birdbath or fountain will provide those basic needs. There are a variety of types available from stately concrete to terra cotta and even bright glazed birdbaths that will blend with your garden.

From your favorite spot in and around your garden, songbirds will provide endless hours of enjoyment and give you new surprises every day.

-Provided by Oakland Dublin

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