Summer Sizzling Fun!

August is a great time for awesome BBQ.  Get your family and friends together and make your BBQ sizzle and pop.Untitled-2

You can rock your BBQ with a Memphis Style Dry Rub.  Add Southern charm with sweet, tangy or fruity BBQ Sauce.  If your BBQ is lacking a kick, try a Cajun style BBQ Sauce that will be sure to take it up a notch or 2 or 3.  Texas Smoky Sweet is always a big hit with large gatherings.  One of the most popular BBQ Sauces is the type that have some of Ole Granddad’s distilled spirits in them as Beer, Rum, Tequila or Bourbon.  These are always a crowd pleaser.  Many of these BBQ Sauces and rubs are proudly made right here in central Ohio.

A successful BBQ cannot be complete without a great looking table, so don’t forget the picnic ware, pretty flowers and mosquito repellents.

Don’t forget the s’mores!  You can go old school one at a time or charge it up with a s’more basket cooker and a Reece cup.

Enjoy all the BBQing has to offer!

-Provided by Oakland Dublin


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