Garden Tips for the Fall!!!

We are ready for fall!  Are you?  It is time to put some fall colors around your SONY DSChouse which will inform your neighbors you are ready for Autumn!  Hardy garden mums along with kale, decorative cabbage, and ornamental peppers are fall planting favorites.

When planting mums, plant in full sun and in rich, fertile soil that is high with organic material.  Good drainage is very important for overwinter survival.  Plants in containers should be watered almost every other day.  Newly planted mums in the ground should be watered two to three times per week if not daily.

DSC03560In northern states hardy mums are not always hardy, but with some extra care, mums can be saved for the next year; as the first frost approaches, make sure the soil is moist.  Mulch plants after several hard frosts.

Of course, mums aren’t the only plants you can plant this time of the year!  Now is a great time to plant shrubs, trees, and bulbs so they are ready to emerge during the spring season.  The more plants you can fit into the fall landscape means less digging and watering in the spring.  FALL IS FOR PLANTING!


-Provided by Oakland Delaware


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