Picking the Right Christmas Tree for You and Your Home

DSC05679  As we near Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about getting this year’s Christmas tree. Picking the right Christmas tree can be difficult and sometimes times very time consuming due to there being so many choice options. Whether you have had a fresh cut, live, or artificial tree in the past, I’m sure that you have noticed that there are pros and cons associated with any Christmas tree style you may decide to go with.

Fresh cut Christmas trees are very popular because they are not only affordable from 30-50 dollars for a 5-7 foot tree, but with proper care they can also last indoors for over a month. There are many different varieties of fresh cut Christmas trees and whether you prefer a long needle White Pine or you prefer to go with a short needle Frasier fir,  most people will agree that all fresh cut Christmas trees have a nice fragrance. With not only a nice fragrance they are easy to care for, and all you have to do is make a fresh cut a few hours before you put your tree in the tree stand. You can do this by cutting across the trunk about an inch so it is able to absorb water. Once the fresh cut is made, and the tree placed into the stand, you have to fill and keep the tree stand filled with water.  Fresh cut Christmas trees can absorb two pints to a gallon of water a day so be sure to fill the stand daily. 

If you don’t like the idea of cutting down a tree and using it just for Christmas, but you still want the fragrance or look of a real Christmas tree, you may like the idea of getting a live tree that you can plant in the ground afteDSC05681r Christmas. With this you will still get the fragrance of a live tree, but you won’t have to worry about disposing of it. Although live trees may cost a bit more at about 100 to 150 dollars for a 5-6 foot tree, they can be the most rewarding because you will have that tree for years to come. With getting a live tree you should know they do require a bit more work.  When getting a live tree, you should determine the location and dig the hole early in the month before the ground is frozen.  Also you need to acclimate the tree in a cool room or garage for 2-3 days before taking it inside and also repeating this before taking it back outside to plant it. The live trees can be in the house no longer than 10 days and when you water, be sure to just keep soil moist while avoiding it sitting in water.DSC05686

Sometimes having a live tree can be more work than you are able or willing to do so another option for you could be to get an artificial tree. Although these are the most expensive trees to get at about 200 dollars and up, they can also last the longest and require the least amount of care and clean up.  Also with an artificial tree most people would agree that the hardest and most undesirable part of choosing this option would be the lack of fragrance, assembling, fluffing, and storing the tree until the holidays.  Other than the few shortcomings an artificial tree may have you can still have a nice looking tree that will last you for many years to come.

So just remember no matter what style of Christmas tree you decide to go with (whether it is a cut, live, or artificial), you can’t go wrong.  With there being so many different varieties to choose from, finding the right one for you and your home may take some time. Maybe this will inspire you to try something new because you never know you, may like it more than the last!

-Provided by Oakland Columbus

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