Summer flowering bulbs bring the tropics to your yard.  Now is the time to start planning your tropical paradise.    To get a jump start, plant the bulbs indoors, so they will be big and lush when the warm weather rolls around.

     Cannas bloom through out the summer with large red or green leaves and beautifulflowers in shades of red, orange, yellow and pink. They thrive in full sun with frequent watering.  Cannas can tower up to four feet or be as low as two feet.

     Dahlia’s add a big splash of color.  There are many different colors and styles to choose from.  They love full sun and if potted like plenty of water.

     Gladiolus is one of the easiest bulbs to grow.  They come in such a wide range of colors you could plant a rainbow.  They make excellent cut flowers, and if you want a continuous parade of color, plant in two—week intervals.  A full sun location is the best spot for them.

     Lilies are also sun loving bulbs that come in many colors and heights.  Lilies make great cut flowers and some are very fragrant.

     If you don’t have full sun, there are bulbs like Caladiums, Begonias and Elephant Ears that can make a great tropical look.

          To start these bulbs indoors, fill your container that has a drainage hole with good potting soil.  Plant bulbs right side up at the appropriate level.  Choose a location in your house that gets good sun, but the temperature should not drop below 60 degrees F. Water sparingly until growth appears.  Transplant outside after danger of frost has passed.  Summer flowering bulbs need to be dug up before the frost and stored in a warm dry place.

     These bulbs work well planted in vases for a big splash.  They also do well in containers.

 -Provided by Oakland Dublin


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