Although we are two weeks later than average, Spring has finally arrived!  MagnoliasFT-41 and early bulbs are blooming, songbirds are singing and the grass is growing. Are you as ready as we are?  The nursery is stocked, the fountains are flowing, and the mulch is in the loading zone.  Visit and take a walk through the garden center for fresh ideas on turning your yard into a more beautiful landscape.

Although the foundation of a landscape consists of trees, shrub,s and perennials, the next dimension in a garden for a bold statement is ART.  Art can consist of statuary, fountains, bird baths, topiary, cast iron urns, glazed pottery, and much more! Spring is a great time to make the investment on a p2iece of art that will forever grace your landscape.  When placed into the garden, a statue or fountain will evolve with the seasons and transform your backyard into a sanctuary.

If you are interested in making the investment or already own a fountain or statue we are very close to being frost free and we can now take off winter coverings and prep them for spring. Careful for the last few frosts though as ice can damage concrete!  With regular but easy maintenance we can keep them in great condition for a long time to come.  With fountains, make sure to clean the pump and filter before running. Check for any signs of algae and clean with a mild soapy water solution using a soft bristle brush. If you find mineral deposits they can be removed1 with vinegar and a little elbow grease. Seasonal tasks for up keeping a healthy fountain include keeping the water level regular, checking weekly for debris clogging up the pump and change the water monthly.  With these tips, you should be able to enjoy the fountain until late autumn when it will need to be drained and covered up again for winter.

If a statue or fountain is for your garden, we have many pieces on display from some of the finest makers in the business.  We encourage you to visit us and discover what we have to offer, or visit our website for links to better ideas of our inventory.


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