Water Fountains

Have you ever been working on your garden and suddenly realized that Untitled-2the sounds of nature have been drowned out by the droning sounds of suburban life? Well, fountains are an excellent way you can bring back peace and serenity to your garden. Fountains are a low maintenance fixture that will create a relaxing atmosphere; they can also double as a container for aquatic plants.

Fountains come in several shapes and sizes, from your standard two tier fountain to the strange and unique designs of Compania and Henri Untitled-3Designs.

Bigger isn’t always better; just because the fountain is bigger doesn’t always produces a better sound. That means you don’t need a huge space for a nice fountain. Most founUntitled-4tains run from a small pump that you fit inside, the pumps and tubing is sold with the fountain. Assembly of most fountains is fairly simple; all you’ll need is the the supplies given, and an electrical outlet. And after a short assembly you’ll have back the peaceful atmosphere of your garden.

-Provided by Oakland Dublin

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