Windchimes in the Landscape

Invitation From my Window. . .

windchime1Gentle breezes brush softly against chimes to send an invitation to savor my morning coffee while the morning awakens song birds.  I love the view from my window.  This is the best part of the day.  The earth is fresh with dew on the ferns and flowers.  Squirrels are looking for the nut they buried last year.  Birds are singing, is there anything better?  This is the fruit of my winter planning and spring labor – and it feels glorious.

windchime2Benches, stone walls, and eating areas are the bones to build a feast for the eyes and ears upon.  Add in the perfect toned wind chime amidst trailing Bougainvillea and it’s like hanging the perfect art work over the side chair.  Chimes come in all sizes.  They come in all sounds –  Tinkling, Altos, Baritones, and Mellow sounds.  Some bring back memories of small town chimes at noon or Grandma’s garden.  Check out the extensive selections for the sound that sets the right feel for you.

They can be hung from Shepherds Hooks, on a suction cup outside your kitchen window, or maybe even the base of a hanging plant, or maybe a standing chime that bows with the breeze.  By testing, you will find the one that fits you perfect.  Consider the overall length for a perfect fit in the location you have selected.  An open corner is idea when hanging from a building.

Metal wind chimes are the only ones that can be tuned to specific tones and notes and are often selected because they are weatherproof and rust resistant.  Bamboo wind chimes are less durable, but provide beautiful, soothing sounds that are hollow, deep and resonant that can emulate rain or exotic drums.  Ceramic and glass wind chimes are most often selected for their visual appeal than for their sounds.  Whatever your preference, wind chimes add that ‘special touch’ to your landscape.

-Provided by Oakland Dublin

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