Garden Pottery

PotteryJune is the perfect time to shop here at Oakland Nursery.  The weather is not too hot, the perennials and flowering shrubs are in bloom and waiting for that perfect spot in YOUR garden.  Along with the live product, Oakland Nursery also carries a variety of yard and home decor in our gift shop.

Let’s talk about the three different makers of pots for YOUR special spot. Guy Wolff and Paul Wakefield are actually friends and have been turning the pottery wheel for many years.  Guy Wolff is known for his historical terracotta shapes.  They blend well with almost any décor, and let the plant be the star of the show.  Paul Wakefield is in the same school of style except that his pottery brings a little more modern tempo to the room with its dark shade of gray.

PotteryLast but certainly not least is my personal favorite, Campo di’ Fiori pottery.  This is a very organic looking line with the pots being modeled after flowers like campanula, poppy seed heads, and fern.  The awesome feature of these pots is that they have a moss coating that gives them that ‘aged-look’ and once you plant them and water, the moss grows and makes them look even more like an antique!  Is that not cool?!

Come in and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while deciding what to take home to YOUR special spot. Whether it be a perfect plant for your garden or a specialty pot for a special plant, come in and check us out!

-Provided by Oakland Columbus






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