Caught Off Guard!

Oakland Nursery Delaware

Without revealing my exact age, I should be old enough by now and know what is coming. Yet once again, Mother Nature surprised me. Autumn sprang out of summer like a rabbit, skittering across the landscape at break-neck speed, stopping occasionally to make sure I was paying attention. I confess to being caught off guard.

This is one of nature’s dramatic showcases of the unfolding life cycle. Like all of life, we can choose to celebrate or bemoan it. Our choice says a lot about us. This very moment would be a great one to step outside and observe the scenic overlook on your path through life. Every seasonal change seems like a reminder to look up from our to-do list, and be aware of our surroundings.

There is much discussion of old farmer’s predictions (these guys need some cheering up!), and the color of wooly worms (why do humans insist on picking us up?). This is a traditional time of celebration. Harvest, abundance, and the reward from previous work, make the notion worthy. The metaphors abound if we stop to consider them.

DSC09515Of course, it’s not over yet! It’s time to plant the bulbs that will introduce a future season. Think of those early snowdrops letting us know that winter does not last all year. Inhale the lovely fragrance of any and all daffodils. Rejoice in the dancing of of the tulips (keep those deer and rabbits away!) in the early spring breezes. More predictable than the weather, is that future surprise. Since we keep a somewhat naturalistic landscape, I expect those blossoms will appear not long after I’ve forgotten where I planted them!

-Provided by Oakland Delaware

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