Early Spring Gardening: Direct Sowing

kate wilson by Kate Wilson

photo 2

Maybe spring is coming? I’ve always loathed the month of March in Ohio for tricking me into thinking spring is on its way. Then it will snow. And back and forth, unable to decide whether spring has sprung or if winter is going to stick around a while longer.

Regardless – as gardeners, we can take matters into our own hands. Despite the unpredictable weather, we can get outside, disturb some soil, and plant some seeds. It is not immediately rewarding, but think of it as an investment. Plant now while you’re itching for spring and by the time it finally rolls around –BAM! Your garden has already started. Cool season gardening, my friends. (And now that we’ve made it to April, we have no where to go but up!)

So what in the world can handle 20 degree air temperatures at night and upwards of 55 during the day, not to mention the cold soil temps? Little tenacious veggies! And even a flower or two. Here’s the short list:

Veggies:                                                                 Annuals:
Lettuces (butter, romaine, etc.)                           Pansies
Kale                                                                          Ranunculus
Spinach                                                                    Sweet Alyssum
Cabbage                                                                   Candelas

Each seed’s needs can be a little different, so follow the specific instructions on each seed packet. If you do decide to venture out into the garden and direct sow some cool season crops, don’t forget to bring along some compost to amend your soil with. Your veggies and flowers will reward you for your efforts.

Speaking of seeding outside, how’s the old lawn?

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