Early Spring Gardening: Over-seeding

kate wilson by Kate Wilson

Now is a great time to over seed your lawn. What is over seeding? It’s simply spreading grass seed in your patchy or newly established lawn. Why do it? So you can have a nice thick lawn that will shame your neighbors shade out any potential weeds from popping up.

These days there are so many choices when it comes to grass seed it can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to over seed, I recommend going with Titan Tall Fescue. Here’s why: It is sun AND shade tolerant. As if that is not enough, once established it is also very draught tolerant. So for an even-looking lawn, whether you have sun or shade or both, Titan Tall Fescue is the one.Oak26 COMPRESSED

Now that you know what seed to use, here’s how to over seed. Spread your seed with a spreader or, if you’re like me, pretend you’refeeding chickens and spread by hand. Most professional lawn experts would not recommend spreading grass seed by hand – and hand spreaders are fairly cheap – but I like the quick and dirty approach. Nerds out there can keep their spreaders and measure their spread with a micrometer or whatever. After you have your grass seed down, use some compost or topsoil and spread over your grass seed, especially where you have a patch of seed. Lay just enough down to cover the seed. Then water in. Soak the area with a sprinkler to best saturate the soil and seed.

That’s it! Here’s to a healthier fuller lawn…..Happy Spring!

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