Spring Snow

kate wilsonby Kate Wilson

I like living in Ohio and having four seasons. There is of course good and bad – the random weather changes for example.  Keeping us on our toes and remind us that we, as humans, cannot control everything. Besides, it’s something (other than sports) that bring us together as Ohioans; bemoaning the local weather is always common ground.

The continual change of the seasons reminds me of the consistent change – whether natural or manipulated by us – in the garden.  This spring has been somewhat turbulent thus far. A week straight of 86˚ highs to be followed by two nights of frost warnings.

Today my son and I experienced one of these odd weather, seemingly random, changes and I thought it would make perfect blog banter.

cottonwood snow

It “snowed” and rained at the same time this early afternoon. Yup, according to the eye of a 5 year old.  Don’t worry I’m not going into a long story about how I adore my son. Just know that I do.

But check this out…..We had a lovely spring shower and the sun managed to shine through the rain (okay, so far normalish Ohio spring happenings) ALL the while this soft white “snow” drifted on the light breeze. It was enough to collect along the side of my front walk.

cottonwood and allium

What is this “snow?” It’s a pile of Cottonwood seeds! (Populus deltoides) The female trees produce these light, fluffy seeds in the late Spring-early Summer, seeds that can produce trees that can grow up to 100 feet tall and live up to 100 years old. Happy Spring Happenings!

cottonwood trees




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