Four Great Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life


We always have someone that is hard to buy for. Hopefully your hard to buy for person likes to garden?! If not, perhaps we can pique their interest…

My person happens to be my dad. He has been the receiver of many lame gifts (let’s just say he has an extensive tie collection), but he now has become the giver of lame gifts! I think it’s his way of coping with the years and years of having to politely receive tie after tie, sweat pants after sweat pants and so on. He’s made a game out it – humorous (for the giver at least) yet thoughtful. Spoiler Alert: Uncle Den will be receiving a half full stamped Subway card. Yes, you’re right, they don’t do those anymore- he’s been sitting on this subway card waiting for it to mature properly for years now.

If you don’t have that kind of patience or same notion for gift giving, no worries: here are some better ideas for your hard to gift person…

  1. A good garden book (or ebook). If you’re person doesn’t happen to be a gardener yet, I highly recommend Micheal Pollan’s Second Nature.

second nature It’s about his first trials when he decides to really get into gardening. This may not sound interesting at first glance, but Pollen is a very talented writer. Trust me on this one-he has even made reading about eating vegetables sound interesting (In Defense of Food). Now that’s talent!





There is always the more instructional garden book route as well – which is pretty much limitless. Here are a couple of my favorites:

dirrs trees  edible landscaping  ohio perennials

  1. The best tool a gardener could ever own. What about a shovel you say….Think I’m over selling? Think again. It’s simple handle tool,like any worthwhile tool, it’s capable of many different tasks. Every time I’m out in the yard I use this tool. What could this amazing tool be? It’s called: The Soil Sword.

soil sword

Well actually it’s called a soil knife (I need to talk to their marketing). I wonder too if we can figure out how to play the clip in Crocodile Dundee where a guy tries to jump him with a knife and Paul Hogan says, “That’s not a knife….This is a knife.” And busts out his crazy looking more-like-a-sword-than-knife knife. Yeah, it’s kinda like that- empowering.

soil sword handle

Anyway, why bright orange? It’s A.M. Leonard brand, located right here in Portsmouth, Ohio. And it will last. So it looks impressive…but what does it do? It is great for weeding, bulb planting and plantings annuals. It’s also great for splitting perennials (cuts them like butter). And it is the only tool I know of that cuts through burlap and twine without getting jammed up. I used it to dead head perennials and grasses. It can also cut through roots or help loosen roots when planting anything that had become pot bound. I’ve also used it to cut through plastic pots to retrieve grossly pot bound plants. It’s an extremely useful tool and I highly recommend it.

shovelHowever, if you’re trying to buy for a child, stick to that shovel idea. There are small versions available which are great for those with little hands. Just go with one that has a wooden handle and a metal shovel head. This way there will be no tears when they go to use it!




  1. Good boots. For the avid gardener, well, they’ve been known to wrap their shoes in duct tape when desperate. When you’re on your feet a lot, shoes breakdown at surprising speed. Investing in a pair good pair of boots is definitely worth it – but we hardly do it for ourselves.

duct tape shoes     bogs

I’m currently trying out insulated Bogs® boots. Slightly more fashionable than duct tape – function before form in this case. My feet have stayed toasty warm and most importantly, dry this holiday season. And I bought Bogs® because they were actually recommended to be by a co-worker that has their pair for going on three years now! If a pair of boots lasts one season in the nursery industry that is considered good.

There are other style offerings by Bogs® that attempt to be more flattering and are still of good quality.

DSC_0422 DSC_0409

  1. Still not sure what to get? I know it is a busy time for so many, but why not pay a visit to one of our gift shops? You’ll find everything from fancy, functional to unique and especially quirky. Art (both garden and wall), bird feeders, bat houses, distinctive ornaments, educational toys and books just to name a few. Not to mention…interior plants, seasonal bulbs, decorative pots and supplies. And of course, when in doubt a gift card to Oakland Nursery will be sure to please! This way you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size or what have you – let those hard-to-buy-for pick out something for themselves!

Wishing you Happy Holidays and Happy Gardening!

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