Home Grown Potatoes in Container

If you’re a beginning gardener or have been an avid gardener for years, here is a project that can produce bushels of fun for you and your children.   Container gardening is becoming more popular because of space and time restraints we have in our lives. Here’s a small project you and your kids can enjoy.
Container ………18-24” diameter or larger with drain holes (the deeper the better)
Seed potatoes  ……………..pick out smaller varieties as large potatoes take longer to develop
Soil………..Soil should be well-drained and loamy

Take your seed potatoes and cut them into 2-3” sections being sure there are 2-3 eyes per section. ( An eye is the node or bump where the plant will sprout).  Allow the cutting to dry and callous before planting.
Take your container (making sure you have selected one that has good drainage) and fill the bottom of the pot with 6-8” of soil.  Press potato cutting firmly into soil, spacing evenly in the pot with three to four cuttings per pot.

Cover cuttings with 4-6” of soil as this will leave you with about half the pot not filled with soil.
Water thoroughly until water runs out of drainage holes.
As the plants grow, cover with more soil and keep your container evenly moist.
By mid to late summer your plants will flower, then turn yellow. This is your indication that it’s time to harvest.
Harvest by turning container over onto a tarp or cardboard and picking out your crop.
There is nothing like a fresh potato!  You and your kids will be amazed at the taste! Happy gardening!
Does anyone have other good ideas about easy container gardens?

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