Finding Winter Inspiration

kate wilson by Kate Wilson


During these grey days of winter, I’m often day dreaming about my garden. Taking mental notes of what worked well last year and usually more importantly, what didn’t work so well. Where to extend my bed lines, what to plant from seed, where to tuck in more perennials- you get the idea. I’m all over the place and to rein it in I’m big on making lists. To do lists, to plant lists, to clean up lists – and then of course prioritizing ALL of the lists. Although I’m not necessarily advising my wacky list system, it does help me come up with a game plan. And having a game plan is necessary. In fact it’s now right essential. Not only will it make you more efficient and competent in your decision making, but potentially saving yourself money and heartache from easily avoidable blunders. But where to start? How does one compose a game plan?

Start with some much needed inspiration! And since sunshine isn’t readily available, start with a trip to the library. Just seeing all of the niche books relating to gardening is pretty awesome. Some recently jewels I discovered are:

The American Meadow Garden: Creating a Natural Alternative to the Traditional Lawn. John Greenlee

Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots. Sharon Lovejoy

americanmeadow rootsshoots

Columbus’ Home and Garden Show is just around the corner. This year’s show theme is International Gardens, and Oakland Nursery is excited to represent Ireland–so you’ll definitely get your green fix!

At the Garden Show, it’s impossible not to feel inspired surrounded by all the blooming plants, plus it’s a great place to gather information. Our landscape design team will be there in our garden, amongst all this color and you should come over and say hello. Ask us any of your gardening questions and we’ll be happy to help out! We also excel at coming up with master game plans, better known as landscape designs. The show is at the Ohio Expo Center February 18-26 2017 (closed on Tuesday Feb.21). (For more information on what our Landscape Design Department offers, click here.)








Oakland Nursery is also hosting our annual Spring Fling March 11-19, where we take a whole week to celebrate the onset of spring! We’ll have sales and events going on (details are forthcoming, but check back here). It’s fun to feel the buzz and to see what first appears at the nursery. Our team will be itching to talk anything gardening with you!


Happy Garden Game Planning!!

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