Friends at the Nursery

Friends at the Nursery

written by Kate Wilson

It’s that time of year when the nursery has a special buzz welcoming the Fall season. Things are hopping around here and it’s always a nice surprise to see these friendly and diverse faces. Here are few photos of the wildlife we find just around the nursery!

The largest praying mantis I’ve ever seen and also the inspiration for this post!

Seems like there have been quite a few monarchs around this year!

It’s so pretty, its deserving of a close up! 🙂

Don’t tell my soon- to-be-entomologist son, but generally I don’t consider spiders friends. However, I can make an exception for this aptly named Garden Spider.

Bumble bees…There is a manger here at Oakland that actually pets bumble bees. Manger, bumble whisperer.

Don’t worry, everyone gives these friends their space!

Hummingbird moth enjoying a butterfly bush.

This friend is super hard to snap a photo of, at least with my phone’s camera. Can you tell what this speedy moving guy is? A red throated humming bird!

Google tells me this is possibly a wood frog, making a home on some tropical plants.

All these friends were photographed in the same day. Special thanks to Lisa, for finding the sweet frog!

Happy Gardening!


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