Spring Fever Inspired by Oakland Delaware

Through the years we have come to realize that working in a family-owned retail garden center is one of the best ways to truly experience Ohio.  We constantly work withDSC09491 and adapt to the state’s lovely bipolar weather conditions.

Much like flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees and shrubs we supply, we are one of few retailers that get to literally ‘grow with the season’.  It’s wonderful to see that in customers as well –  to see the look of relief and realization on their faces when they visit us to escape cabin fever.  They feverishly inquire “Are seeds here?  Have your onion sets arrived?  Are the fruit trees available?  Is it time to spray dormant oil or is it too late?”  Cliché as it is, they are the kids while we are their candy store.

There is unspeakable magic, pride, and accomplishment in creating and maintaining plant life whether it’s a home garden or a front flowerbed from the smallest groundcover perennial to the towering trees we plant by hand for our customers.  All of us at Oakland  Delaware can’t think of a better way to spend any season.

Just to put everyone at ease, it’s just now starting to be too late for dormant oil, don’t plant onions or potatoes until later in March and don’t put down any weed preventer until the ground is 50 to 55 degrees for at least three days straight.

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