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The 411 on Four Organic Products

 by Kate Wilson, Oakland Nursery Hortculturalist     You’ve decided to grow organic! Great, whatever the reasoning behind you’re decision I’d like to support you and your organic gardening efforts. My favorite bonus to growing organic is barefoot gardening! Having a healthy garden from … Continue reading

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Urban/Suburban Vegetable Gardening

Memorial Day weekend is often the traditional time when many people plant tomatoes,   peppers, and other frost sensitive vegetable plants. We have seen a tremendous increase in the interest of vegetable gardening in the past year or two, especially among … Continue reading

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Organic Pest Control

As more people develop an interest in vegetable gardening, finding organic ways to control pests has taken center stage. Organic pest control can be initially overwhelming, but with a few techniques, the home gardener can promote beneficial organisms and reduce … Continue reading

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