Spring is here…Really !

The calendar reads Spring..but many of us do not believe it ! The warm weather DIY-Backyard-Pondand sunshine are just around the corner. We at Oakland Nursery have been working hard to make sure we are ready to take care of all your outdoor living needs.

Now is the ideal time to prepare your pond for spring. At this time you should be doing your spring clean-up of any dead plant material and debris in your pond. By removing the decaying plant material, it will reduce the amount of phosphorous in your pond to help control algae in the spring and summer. If your pond utilizes a UV sterilizer, imagesnow is the time turn it off and add your Starter Bacteria to start the bacteria process that will help keep your pond crystal clear and keep your fish and plants healthy.  Within the next few weeks it will be time to start selecting the plants that you will wish to add to your pond. Hardy marginals and lilies can also be added at that time.  Floaters and tropicals should be added only after last chance of frost.    kak-sdelat-prudik-fontan-svoimi-rukami

Now you have the basics of getting your pond ready for Spring !  If you have any questions regarding your pond, or are intersted in starting your own…contact any of the Oakland Nursery locations!

Provided by Oakland Columbus

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