This Spring Season with Impatiens

The king of the shade flowering annuals, impatiens, has been threatened lately by a disease that could cause problems in the home landscape.  It is a fungus-like disease called downy mildew.  It is aided in its spread by mild winters and cool wet springs.  It is heralded by a yellowing or spotting of the leaves, followed by a white fuzzy growth on the underside of the leaves with eventual complete defoliation.  Unfortunately, at this time, there is no treatment control.

 We at Oakland Nursery are very aware of this problem and are watching it closely.  Oakland Nursery (in partnership with our growers) is working to ensure that you, as a customer, will purchase only inspected disease-free plants.

 Despite the ongoing situation, there are basic gardening practices that may prevent the spreading of the disease and keep plants healthy. These practices include regular fertilization, replacing old mulch with new, and implementation of a consistent watering schedule.

 There are other alternatives that are not affected by downy mildew.  Begonias, coleus, lobelia, and torenia are just some of the alternatives to impatiens.  New Guinea impatiens are not affected; however, they do require more sun.

 If you have more questions, please contact your Oakland Nursery professionals who will be happy to help you plot that great garden.

 Provided by Oakland Delaware

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