Plant Now for Summer Color!!

Spring is bustin’ out all over!!!  Finally!!  The beautiful spring blooming trees and shrubs are excitinimagesCASVEIEIg and inspiring to gardeners and everyone tired of gloomy winter weather.  Spring is a great time to spruce up the landscaping with blooming shrubs and perennials.

Most customers at Oakland tend to gravitate toward the annuals, trees, shrubs that are blooming when they arrive at the garden center – that’s great as spring is a great time to plant those things!  However, it is also a perfect time to plant and plan for color later in the year too.


Many beautiful perennials and shrubs that will be the star of the summer and fall garden are small and inconspicuous at this time of the year – they are often overlooked by shoppers!  By purchasing and planting a less mature plant, you are giving that plant time to adjust to its new environment (your yard!) and
develop its root system before it does its work of creating beautiful flowers for you.  This will mean a stronger healthier plant that will decorate your landscape for many years.

At Oakland we have many of these possibly overlooked plants available for purchase now.

A few easy-to- grow summer blooming shrubs to consider include:  Hydrangea (all varieties), Rose of Sharon, and Knockout Roses.

Popular and also easy-to-grow summer and fall perennials include:  Rozanne Geranium, Sedums (especially Autumn Joy), Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower (all varieties), Asters and fall blooming Anemones. 

Provided by Oakland Dublin


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