Organic Gardening

Hands-carrying-SoilIt seems like spring has taken forever to get here this year, but we have definitely had some beautiful weather recently! As customers are preparing their yard and garden work for this season, we are receiving more and more questions about organic approaches to their yard work as well as incorporating fresh herbs and veggie plants into their landscape. We certainly welcome these tendencies to go green!

We have always encouraged natural solutions to garden work and have many products available to complete garden tasks and solve plant problems that are much safer to the environment, children, and pets.  For the lawn, we carry organic fertilizers that can be applied now to encourage turf development and provide lush, dark green growth. While it is becoming a bit late now to totally prevent crabgrass, corn gluten could still be applied as the initial organic fertilizer application as it not only fortifies the lawn but also prevents weed seeds from germinating.Vibrant Produce

We also carry a wide selection of organic fertilizers for other needs such as trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables.  Compared to synthetic  fertilizers, which provide quick release of a few of the most essential nutrients,  organic fertilizers are derived from totally natural sources that provide a comprehensive supplement of all the nutrients a plant needs in a slow release form. These sources also add to the soil structure and encourage microbial activity –the foundations to healthy soil and plants!herb

We also have a variety of organic potting soils and soil amendments. As we move through the growing season into the time of year of plant pests and diseases, we will have available natural pesticides based on soaps and botanical sources rather than chemical sources. We have long been recommending these as their mode of action provides very effective control on many of our common plant diseases and insects. The pests do not normally build a resistance to these, and they are very safe to use.

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