Fall Colors!

Flashing amber lights on a foggy morning school bus ride…         giftshop

deep blue skies scattered with white puffy clouds…

calming pink and purples of the sunset on a chilly eve…

giftshop2and the scarlet and grey that fills the Shoe on a sunny Saturday afternoon…

all unofficial colors of early fall!

giftshop5Create your own pallet of colors this season as you enhance your corner of the Earth.  Compliment nature by using natural dries, moss balls, lichen balls, bird nests, and birch ribbon.  Include some burlap with galvanized containers to continue the earthy feel.  giftshop3Birch poles can add structural height and texture to any fall planter.  Just remember that there are no boundaries when it comes to creativity!

Be brilliant and enjoy!


Provided by Oakland Columbus

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